When will the 2024 AFL Fixture be Released?

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When will the 2024 AFL Fixture be Released?

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AFL Fixture Release 2024

November in Australia heralds more than just the whisper of summer. It brings with it the eagerly awaited AFL fixture release. This is the day every fan had circled in red, the day strategies are devised, and debates begin about the path each club will tread in the pursuit of the 2024 premiership.

AFL 2024 Fixture Release Date

AFL 2024 Fixture Release Date

The 2024 AFL fixture release date Australia, November 16th, was not just any other day in the sporting calendar. As the clock struck half-past three in the afternoon, fans were glued to their screens, awaiting the announcement that would set the tone for the season to come. With every club’s fate for the next year encapsulated in this fixture list, the release was more than a formality. It was a revelation of challenges, opportunities, and the narrative arcs.

When the AFL released the 2024 fixture, it was not merely a list of dates and matches. It was a promise of the duels to come – blockbuster games, heritage rounds, and the ever-anticipated derbies that turn friends into friendly foes. It answered the burning question AFL fixture release 2024 – what lies ahead for the 18 teams vying for the ultimate glory in one of the most physically demanding sports in the world?

With the fixture now public knowledge, we can anticipate a season punctuated with highlights:

  • The Opening Round sets the stage with its traditional fanfare and all the fresh hope that a new season brings.
  • Rounds 1 through 23 fill the calendar with regular-season matches, each with its own subplot and implications on the ladder.
  • The AFL Finals 2024 Dates were circled as the culmination of the campaign, where the top eight teams battle it out for the premiership in a month of football that stops the nation.

While we won’t delve into each round’s specifics, the fixture list promises classic matchups, with each round offering games that could define the season:

  • Rounds like the ANZAC Day matches, the Indigenous Round, and the Pride Game have become iconic, each celebrated for both the spectacle of football and the important cultural acknowledgments they represent.
  • The ‘Gather Round,’ a new introduction where all games for that week are played in one location, brings fans and teams together in a unique celebration of the sport.

When will the 2024 AFL Fixture be released Australia?

The air is thick with anticipation. AFL fans across Australia await the release of the 2024 fixture with bated breath. So, when will the 2024 AFL fixture be released Australia? It is more than a schedule — it is a narrative of the season to come, etched in dates, matchups, and venues. The AFL 2024 fixture release date Australia time is a pivotal moment for clubs, players, and fans alike, as they gear up for a season of high stakes and thrilling football.

AFL fixture, results, scores 2024

AFL fixture, results, scores 2024

With the question when will the 2024 AFL fixture be released now answered, it is time attention turned to the details.

Opening Round

The Opening Round is a harbinger of the excitement to come, a carnival of football that reignites age-old rivalries and sparks new ones. On Thursday, March 7th, at the SCG, the Sydney Swans and Melbourne will raise the curtain on the new season under the floodlights, setting the stage for an exhilarating weekend of football.

AFL Fixture 2024 Round 1

The AFL Fixture 2024 Round 1 brings a feast of football that promises to captivate fans. The MCG, an arena steeped in AFL lore, will be the stage for Carlton and Richmond to renew hostilities. The echoes of the fans’ roar will barely have faded before Collingwood and Sydney Swans take to the same hallowed turf, each with points to prove and pride to defend.

AFL Fixture 2024 Round 2

As teams begin to find their rhythm, the AFL Fixture 2024 Round 2 sees them jostling for position. St Kilda and Collingwood meet at the MCG in a Thursday night spectacle, setting the tone for a round where every kick could alter the course of the early season.

AFL Fixture 2024 Round 3

The competition heats up further in the AFL Fixture 2024 Round 3. Brisbane Lions vs Collingwood at the Gabba promises a clash of styles and will, while Fremantle’s face-off against the Adelaide Crows at Optus Stadium pits emerging talent against proven performers. Marvel Stadium hosts Essendon vs St Kilda, where mid-table ambitions collide with top-four dreams.

AFL Fixture 2024 Round 4 – Gather Round

As the AFL season hits its stride, the AFL Fixture 2024 Round 4, affectionately known as ‘Gather Round,’ is set to bring the football community together. From April 4th to April 7th, Adelaide and its surrounds become the heart of Aussie Rules, hosting a thrilling array of matches.

AFL Fixture 2024 Round 5

The fifth round of the AFL is traditionally where the initial hype settles into the grind of the season. This year, the round opens with a classic duel at the MCG where the Melbourne Demons face the Brisbane Lions under the bright lights of a Thursday night, promising a high-intensity battle that will set the tone for the weekend.

AFL Fixture 2024 Round 6

As Round 6 approaches, the narrative of the season continues to unfold. Each game is a potential turning point, as teams look to secure their positions before the mid-season. From the historic MCG to the electric atmosphere of the Gabba, the stadiums will be pulsating with the energy of fans and the determination of players.

AFL Fixture 2024 Round 7

Moving into Round 7, the traditional Anzac round fixtures, particularly between Essendon and Collingwood, bring a sense of reverence and spectacle to the game. It is a round that combines the passion for football with the remembrance of history, adding depth to the contest and highlighting the AFL’s place within Australian culture.

AFL Fixture 2024 Round 8

As we progress to Round 8, the Showdown between Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide promises to capture attention of the state. The Melbourne-based clashes and the interstate rivalries underline the national reach of the AFL and the various local flavors that each club brings to the competition.

AFL Fixture 2024 Round 9

Round 9 kicks off under the bright lights of the MCG, with Carlton facing Melbourne in a Thursday night clash that will set the tone for the round. The action-packed weekend continues at GMHBA Stadium, where Geelong Cats and Port Adelaide clash in a Friday night duel that promises to showcase the Cats’ home-ground prowess. Meanwhile, Optus Stadium witnesses Fremantle taking on the Sydney Swans, adding another thrilling chapter to their storied contest.

AFL Fixture 2024 Round 10

As the weeks roll on, the pressure intensifies. Round 10 sees the Gold Coast Suns host Geelong Cats at TIO Stadium, a game that could be critical for the Suns as they face one of the competition’s stalwarts.

AFL Fixture 2024 Round 11

Round 11 offers no respite, with matches like Richmond vs Essendon at the MCG expected to be a high-octane encounter. This round is historically a make-or-break point for teams vying for the finals, and every game will be played with a finals-like intensity.

AFL Fixture 2024 Round 12

Round 12 brings its own flavor of football frenzy, highlighted by Geelong Cats and Richmond going head-to-head at GMHBA Stadium. The sheer skill and rivalry on display here are what make the AFL such a captivating spectacle.

AFL Fixture 2024 Round 13

By the time Round 13 rolls around, the stakes are even higher. Adelaide Crows and Richmond open the round at Adelaide Oval in what could be a defining match for both teams’ finals aspirations. The weekend concludes with a Monday public holiday match-up between Collingwood and Melbourne at the MCG, offering a climactic end to another gripping round.

AFL Fixture 2024 Round 14

Round 14 opens at the Gabba, a fortress for the Brisbane Lions, as they host St Kilda. It is a Friday night blockbuster where fans expect nothing less than a display of courage and skill. Saturday offers a trifecta of matches starting with the Western Bulldogs battling Fremantle at Marvel Stadium, a contest that’s likely to be a gritty, hard-fought encounter.

AFL Fixture 2024 Round 15

Round 15 signifies the point of no return for many teams. The iconic MCG sees Carlton face the Geelong Cats in a prime-time Friday night fixture. Adelaide Oval will witness Port Adelaide clash with the Brisbane Lions, while the GWS Giants and Sydney Swans battle for bragging rights in the Sydney Derby.

AFL Fixture 2024 Round 16

The later rounds of the AFL season are about endurance, strategy, and seizing the moment. Round 16 sees fixtures like the Brisbane Lions against Melbourne at the Gabba and the Richmond vs Carlton at the MCG, games that could have significant implications on the finals landscape.

AFL Fixture 2024 Round 17

Round 17 is packed with potential ladder-defining clashes, including a matchup between historical rivals Collingwood and Essendon. Each game becomes more critical as the season nears its end, with the likes of Geelong Cats versus Hawthorn and GWS Giants against Carlton setting the scene for a dramatic run to the finals.

AFL Fixture 2024 Round 18

Round 18 is when the pressure truly mounts. Contenders and pretenders are separated as teams like Collingwood and Geelong Cats face off in what could be a preview of finals matchups. The Suns, Crows, and Eagles all have home fixtures that they will look to capitalize on as they jostle for finals positions or seek to play the spoiler.

AFL Fixture 2024 Round 19

The Brisbane Lions welcome the Sydney Swans to the Gabba, promising a clash of styles and strategies under the Queensland sky. Down south, the MCG hosts a contest between Hawthorn and Collingwood, a game that historically provides moments of magic and memory.

AFL Fixture 2024 Round 20

In Round 20, the MCG stages a classic encounter as Collingwood and Richmond vie for supremacy, a rivalry steeped in history and passion. The Adelaide Oval, too, prepares for drama as the Crows clash with Hawthorn, with both sides typically displaying their best in the latter stages of the season.

AFL Fixture 2024 Round 21

Round 21 sees teams fighting tooth and nail for every point. Marvel Stadium will be the arena for multiple showdowns, including an intriguing battle between St Kilda and the Brisbane Lions.

AFL Fixture 2024 Round 22

The intensity ratchets up in Round 22 as the finals draw near. The Brisbane Lions’ encounter with GWS Giants at the Gabba could be crucial in deciding their finals fate. Meanwhile, Marvel Stadium hosts a key contest between Richmond and St Kilda, with the outcome likely to impact final makeup of the top eight.

AFL Fixture 2024 Round 23

In Round 23, the Collingwood Magpies and Brisbane Lions face off at the MCG in what could be a finals-deciding match. Every game is crucial, and the fans know it, filling the stands with an electric atmosphere that only AFL can provide.

AFL Fixture 2024 Round 24

The regular season culminates with Round 24, a final opportunity for teams to secure their spot in the post-season. The MCG will be a cauldron of emotion as Melbourne and Collingwood take to the field, while Richmond and Gold Coast Suns face each other in a game that could have far-reaching implications.

AFL Finals 2024 Dates

The final home and away game will take place on Sunday, August 25.


Thus, the fixture is more than dates and opponents. It is a promise of passion, a schedule of battles to be waged and won on the hallowed turfs greatest game of Australia.